Performance appraisal… Part deux

Looking at my blog stats, it seems that performance appraisal is the most searched term on the internet. In that sense, I’m going to explain more in a simpler term on how to appraise people without causing jealousy to other employees.

As I have stated in my previous post down there, replying to Adi on how to appraise people without causing jealousy to others, it is quite difficult to do so. To acknwledge different culture in different individuals will cause massive human resource headache, as they cannot follow each and every individuals working in the company. Therefore, we only have to follow suit management by objective as has been stated by Peter Drucker. Using MBO, the employer and employee, or to the operational level, each managerial and employee personnel understands what are the cause and effect of increased or decreased productivity.

MBO in a simpler term defines that each personnel understands and signed a contractual agreements that underlines performance appraisal. By doing that, one could not be jealous to their comrades if promoted because they mutually understand and agreed what defines a good performance appraisal. With this in mind, you won’t have to fuss about the workers are easterners or westerners when doing a performance appraisal… You only need to show them the rules that they agreed upon.

If one still jealous to whomever being promoted/rewarded for good performance, then that individual is not a team player and did not have the capability to understands a contractual agreement… Will you still keep him? I won’t.

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