I’m sorry… Goodbye…

Well, on this special day, I would like to say farewell to a very deared colleague of mine, Bayu.

Throughout the two years we had together… Well, to tell you the truth, it’s the two years most fun I ever had with a colleague, ever. If there’s a reason why I always went back to my current workplace it’s all because of him (and the relaxed atmosphere).

Now that he’s moving away, I sincerely hope he finds a better job to support his family and where that job might be, I hope he finds the best of friends.

So here’s to you Bay,

I’m sorry… Goodbye… Well, I think I used the wrong sentence from a song, what about this one… If I could run away and hide away, forget the way I feel, but your memories still haunting me, convincing me it’s real… Now you’re not here… Now you’re not here…

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