Typo Day… Creepy…

Yesterday I was out eating in a fairly new restaurant near my house, which my mom told me that is quite good. So I check the place, it’s a bakery/restaurant which serves mainly pasta and pizza, Asian style. So I ordered chicken mushroom pasta and a pizza with cheese and chicken… No, there’s no fancy name for both, just simple description and pictures. To say the place is nice is an understatement, it is very lavish and nicely decor’ed. But on the bakery side, I saw a lot of typo abound on some breads. That thing aside, when the food was served on the table, I reached out for the pepper… And I was curious looking at the title of it.

black paper

Really… Black paper, do they burn paper, ground it fine and serves it to the guest or what? And what’s Papper? Really man… That’s just wrong, I laugh for the whole day and make fun of it until today. The night when I want to get some sleep, as usual I watched National Geographics and Discovery Channel, to my surprise… Just take a look at the next picture.

I’m not even finished laughing from the bakery/restaurant pepper fiasco, now I saw that on the tv!! NATIONAL GEOGRAPGIC???!!!?!?? I hope NGC doesn’t display that typo on HD too, Is yesterday an international typo day? I’m just awe struck and still couldn’t believe it. However this could be a very nice article though, see you all next week.

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