3 thoughts on “Honda CEO 2007 Year End Speech… The Interesting Part

  1. Please bring us the new Diesel. I drive a 2004 vw golf getting 50mpg. The new Honda diesel is what America needs to help save fuel. Would like a wagon in the Honda when they come to America in 2009 model year. Could it be in late 2008 say in Sept 08, please.

  2. Well, it is official, so in 2009 definitely Honda will bring the I-DTEC engine to the states. The proposed cars that will receive the engine currently is CR-V and Accord, don’t know about anything else… Probably Civic, because the I-DTEC is only 2.2L, not enough to push Pilot/Odyssey size car. Possible if they bump the displacement to 2.5L or better yet, use a 3.0L V6 version of the engine… Which is not available yet.

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