Another Honda Accord Euro/Acura TSX Spy Photos

Wow… I’m actually speechless, the car looks sweet indeed. It is not so much different than current generation Accord Euro Tourer, but somehow it’s sharper and leaner from this angle. For those in the not know, Accord Tourer is essentially a wagon version of Honda Accord Euro, or more famous in America as Acura TSX. The picture is taken somewhere north of the world’s hemisphere (from the license plate). The original poster on Temple Of VTEC forum didn’t state the origin.

Above are several photos regarding Honda Accord Euro in transit on a transport truck in Japan. I can now able take an assumption from all of those pictures regarding Honda plan for their products. As you can see from my previous post about refreshed Acura RL, this new Accord Euro/Acura TSX have similar backlights, it has that curved midpoints just like the RL albeit longer. The front end (estimation from the Accord Euro Wagon) also looks similar to the RL, from the hood line straight down to the front grill. Honda probably wanted to seamlessly update their product portfolio so we can see clear distinction between Honda and Acura. After all, Honda is planning to make Acura as a separate entity, this Accord Euro/Acura TSX might be the last “rebranded” product.

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