Huge Update Coming, Some Articles About Honda Accord (Fat)

Well, apparently, my intention of upgrading this blog into something more “enjoyable” to view has been met with numerous challenges. I’ve took a domain name… Well, it’s a no brainer what the name is (you’ll know soon enough), but I couldn’t find the “it” template to use. Luckily, a good friend of mine offered his help to modify the new site visuals. There’s also time problem, as like before, this is my toughest month of my life (part final). This month could very well dictates my future literally.

Until the new website is ready, please enjoy some news I collect about Honda Accord in the United States (US and global, not the sexy Euro version) this past week.

Honda Accord is Car and Driver Best Family Sedan

Basically, the Accord has been with Car and Driver’s 10 best car since its 32 years of existence, a record breaking 22 times.  What not to love from the Accord? Being the best in the United States of America means that Accord offers the perfect balance of performance, comfort and economy, something that its competitor must sacrifice at least 1 aspect of what Accord has from the start. Car and Driver praises Accord’s driving responsiveness and highly ergonomic interior, the editor also mentioned how steeply reclined the back seat is… Probably giving it delicious seating posture for those back seat drivers.

Honda Accord Coupe is Motortrend Best FF Coupe 

We have the Accord sedan and exclusive for America is the Coupe version, a supposedly grown up Prelude (RIP) and a sporty Accord. Although sporty and Accord shouldn’t be said in one sentence because the Accord is basically a family car, it actually works. Motortrend tests and compared three FF coupes available in America which are the Accord Coupe, Nissan Altima Coupe, and Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Accord wins hands on in this comparison, being the longest wheelbase around, it sits 5 adult comfortably, and with the best drivability in the comparison, the Accord brings home the gold. Even though Accord’s 3.5L produces 268HP, less than Altima’s 270HP, the overall combination of fun to drive decimates the competition.

There you go, the Accord, it has the looks of a so-so vanilla ice cream cone, but when you drive it you’ll swear you are licking a strawberry Sunday surprise for sure, a super ice cream taste without the fancy dressing.

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