New House Cleaning!!! Thank you and Damn you WordPress (update)

So here it is… My new home for my thoughts and wacky ideas. I would like to thanks those who have encouraged me to go full steam with my blog, and those who have shoved me here… Accidentally or not, so my blog at wordpress have becoming a full featured website here at

Of course those who I would like to thanks to most can be reached in the real world, so there’s no need to put their names on this site (except if they wanted to). However, I would like to say thanks to you, yes, you who is reading this right now. Because mostly, it is because the amount of readers who came into my old website at wordpress which energized me to do something in my life that is actually… Free. There’s probably some google ads here and there, but I will remove them immediately if it’s becoming a nuisance to you.

There will be some cleaning up and final touch up for the overall theme of the website. Currently I’m using Darren Hoyt’s Magazine Theme that is soooooo politically funny named… Mimbo, or Male Bimbo. All is well, thanks to a good friend of mine I’ve finally managed to customized the website. First of all, the original Mimbo doesn’t support a header with picture, but there’s a Honda Insight right up there now isn’t it? I will also changed the overal green/gray/white to something more… Modern to my liking. Green is just too out there for me.

I do however want to damn WordPress for not having an idiot guide to setting up a website using wordpress apps. Moving here means losing quite a lot… I can’t even say the specific terms… The statistics page, the link with the query title (I’m 105% sure that’s the wrong term), the wordpress tags, the… Ah, forget it, I just loose somethings moving here. The plug-ins system is also not friendly enough to newbies, as I have to search one by one to find a plug-in to suit my needs. Well, considering that I’m the one who is net programming illiterate, I guess partly it’s my fault too.

Update: Well, it seems that I have managed to found myself a web help and documents from WordPress itself… Another proof that web programming illiteracy goes a long way. So far I’ve change the font colors and font types by myself, a feat considering I changed every parameter that can be changed and previewing the results one by one… It turns out to be web programming isn’t a rocket science after all, it’s more like quantum mechanics… So probably for the next couple of days, there will be some changes in the fonts and colors here and there as I’m going to play around with it.

Best Regards,

Michael Adhi

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