Honda NSX Replacement Got Undressed

Based on the spy pictures of Honda next generation NSX replacement supercar, AutoExpress came up with a beautiful render without the ugly camouflage. Although the proportion might be a little bit blown off, a real representation of the car is looking better than expected. Better pictures of the render and witty comments after the click.

Well, AutoExpress design department has really pulled an amazing feat by outlining the shape and the subtle design cue of Honda latest supercar. Caught testing on the famous Nurburgring race track, a supposed Honda supercar with heavy camouflage is undergoing a real world test. Here are the rendition courtesy of AutoExpress. As usual, bigger pictures are available on the original website here. For the original camouflaged pictures of the car click here.

Wow… I’m truly amazed looking at the render. The rear is spot on, the obvious lines are translated very well to the colored pictures, and so does the front end, the huge dual air dam are sexy indeed.

There are off course some design questions regarding the render. First, the side engine vent above the front fender seems overdone. From the camo pictures, there’s some kind of turning signal lamp on the area where the render shows the vent. So, is it turning signal lamp or side engine vents? Well, kind of stupid if they cover up the vent, the hot air won’t be vented that way, and might affect the car’s performance. Or… Is it a vent combined with turning signal lamp, akin to the original Acura Advanced Sport Concept. But still, why they cover it up during testing. Here’s some pictures of the ASCC and the supposed camo car from another thread.

As you can see, there’s something on the midway between the door and the front fender, above the letter D of BRENDA. Is it a vent like the AutoExpress guys rendered it or is it a side turning signal lamp? Akin to original ASCC design. Too small to figure out. Then we have the doors, the spy pictures shows a pronounced ridge line across the door (right above PRIDDY & COMPANY) which is not translated to the render… But is it so? Is there a line at all? The camo does really a good job breaking the visual lines.

The rumor about it having an 8-speed automatic persist… Well, soon we will find out anyway about the car, with it being production ready and such.

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