Honda OSM, a Very Bad Dejavu?

Honda and sport, two words that dominates the young guns throughout the 90’s. The Integra, the NSX, The S2000, the hot Type R’s… Boy… Those are the days… But currently, Honda wanted the world to see them as a green automaker, and very desperate at it if I might add. The FCX, the FCX clarity, the Insight, the CR-Z, the Civic/Accord Hybrid and the planned new global hybrid that is purposed built to rival Toyota’s hot Prius. Then, out of nowhere, Honda came up with OSM, a coupe sporting hybrid name tag, and one bad dejavu… Remember SSM? More witty comments and what is SSM after the click. Continue reading

Honda New Small Global Hybrid & CRX Design Study

Phew… That’s a long title, and a long title this news deserve as it will stir a lot of controversy. Caught under testing in the desert is Honda new much talked about small global hybrid that is estimated to rival Toyota Prius in performance, fuel economy and sales number. So what is the controversy is all about? Well, if you take a look at the profile of this new car, you will see a Toyota Prius and across the Internet, this new car is ridiculed to “steal” the design of Toyota Prius. But do you know there’s a similar car that looks like a 2 door Toyota Prius 20 odd years ago with a Honda badge? Witty comments about the small global hybrid and the car in question after the click. Continue reading

NSX Replacement: 10000 RPM rev limit?

The automotive scene is revving up with a new super blurry and not so clear interior picture of Honda’s latest supercar, and like the old saying, a picture worth a thousand words… Well, except for porn, it’s worth more. As usual, bigger pictures can be found on the original thread here.

Blurry as hell, but you can see the numbers clearly

Well, as you can see, even if it’s blurry, the tachometer indicates a clear 10000 RPM rev limit, with a redline around 8200-8400 RPM (conservatively). Here, I blew up the picture and added some graphical outline.

A mediocre attempt to clear things up

The redline area I drew is just a rough estimate, taking a clue from Ferrari 430 tachometer below. Like the Ferrari, this new Honda super car have 10000 RPM rev limit. However, there’s that extra white line extending after 10000 RPM on the new Honda… What is that?

Judging from my rough estimate, such high engine rotation can only mean the car easily achieve 550ps Honda claim from the new car. So what about that extra white line after the redline? Well, if I may guestimate… Badly, and don’t take my word for this… Honda will incorporate some “over revv” function like in Formula 1 cars. Meaning that in daily drive, the car will use lower horsepower and if needed, the car can go full blast to its 550ps, just like the BMW M5.  The BMW M5 initially has 507 Bhp engine, however when the car is started, it only produces 400 Bhp unless the “power mode” is activated. The purpose probably to make the car more economical when needed, after all, this is Honda we are talking about, Mr. Efficient.

Ferrari: Race single mindedness to the extreme

Well, it actually is… A VERY BAD GUESS from my side. The white strip thingie is actually a light reflection on the tachometer display ring!!!! DAMN! That’s humiliating… A much higher resolution picture is coming courtesy of Temple of VTEC. You guys can check it here or just go to the source link I posted below.

Oh, one more thing. I’m actually quite surprised that the car has a complete interior. For a release date of 2010-2011, this car looks very finished already. You can see a lot of buttons on the stylish steering wheel. Not just buttons per se, but more like MID control, audio control, cruise control and the likes. This car can be released next year for all I know. But the million dollar question remains… Will this be a Honda or an Acura?


10000 RPM tach of NSX replacement

Acura TL 09′ Official Teaser Picture

Here it is, the all new 2009 (2008 model year) Acura TL in all of its Darth Vader ride of choice glory.

Acura TL 09'

2009 TL, Darth Vader’s personal car

For those in the not know… If there’s such a term… Acura is the luxury division of Honda, and the TL is one of its most successful model, sales wise. This car actually was designed and made exclusively for Acura, so you won’t find a Honda with the same styling as the TL. It’s officially stated, that the new TL will come under two flavors, vanilla and bush berry suprise, that meaning, a front wheel drive version and a “hotter” all wheel drive version. Acura official press release just mention about that that and the fact that the hotter model will feature “Acura’s most powerful engine in history of Acura”. Well, we know that they have the 3.7L VTEC producing 300bhp in the MDX and the RL (Honda Legend), so in a sense of the statement, the new TL will have… I don’t know… More? Or the same?

The design of the car really brings some sort of shock and awe to the automotive scene. Acura is regarded as one of the most conservative brand, styling wise in the industry… Well, with it being Honda lackey and all. The new TL design is leap and bound of Acura basically bland designs. Well, the RDX and MDX leads the way and stuff, but the TL raise it up a notch. Gone are the classic Accord lines, and in are the new lines that resembles Lexus ES and Infiniti M series. Some again… Ridicule the design, stating that the Japanese only have one designer for the three marque. However, it is a very welcome change, I see the new TL design is a breath of fresh air, and I’m anxious of how it fares against its competitors.

The “shield” grill is okay, it’s growing up on me. It’s a distinct shape, and one that separates the Acura from the Honda… The men and the boy, the well established and the aspiring enterpreneur, the bold and the beautiful, the mickey and the mouse… the… I’m running out of word here, so before it gets more corny, I will just quit.

The current and soon obsolete Acura TL Type-S

Anyway, the 2009 TL will be unveiled soon, this fall… And you know there will be a paper review up in the corner somewhere…


Acura Media News room.

Rubens Barrichello Landed Honda F1 First Podium!

What the hell… Rubens came out unsuspectingly as the third place winner on the Silverstone Formula 1 race… The old dog still has some bite on him…

Wow… Just wow, it is said that it was raining midway through the race (I didn’t watch it). The whole grid was in chaos, but a fast and precise strategy change gives the H-badge a place on the podium. Button was out of the race, but Rubens soldier on… Congratulations!

Honda really does have winning drivers. Hope that both stays for Honda next year, they just need a performing car and everybody will be happy. Ross Brawn intervention also might have a hand in the winning, that man is a pure strategist.

1 Lewis Hamilton McLaren 1:39:09.440
2 Nick Heidfeld BMW 1:08.577
3 Rubens Barrichello Honda 1:22.273
4 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari *at 1 lap
5 Heikki Kovalainen McLaren *at 1 lap
6 Fernando Alonso Renault *at 1 lap
7 Jarno Trulli Toyota *at 1 lap
8 Kazuki Nakajima Williams *at 1 lap
9 Nico Rosberg Williams *at 1 lap
10 Mark Webber Red Bull *at 1 lap
11 Sebastien Bourdais Toro Rosso *at 1 lap
12 Timo Glock Toyota *at 1 lap
13 Felipe Massa Ferrari *at 2 laps
14 Robert Kubica BMW *out
15 Jenson Button Honda *out
16 Nelson Piquet Renault *out
17 Giancarlo Fisichella Force India *out
18 Adrian Sutil Force India *out
19 Sebastien Vettel Toro Rosso *out
20 David Coulthard Red Bull *out


British GP score