All New Honda City Revealed… Gravy On The Steak

With the already too much spy photos, renderings, pictures and hints from around Asia, the all new Honda City has arrived in full glory. For this generation, Honda goes all out to design the new City. No longer a lanky and dorky brother of Honda’s own Fit for which the City is based upon. The new City, albeit derived from the same platform of the Fit now sports a huge different between its hatchback brother… To a degree that the new Honda City is now is Fit’s second cousin that the Fit really want to get its groove on upon… I really am rusty… More pictures courtesy of autoblog after the click.As usual, per my gentlemen agreement, all pictures here are taken from, therefore only few will be displayed and are resized. For full size pictures and a few others you can go here.

So… Without further adue… 2008/2009 ASIAN HONDA CITY!

Honda City front

Starkingly different than the outgoing Honda City

honda city rear

The rear reminded me of the last generation Toyota Vios… But hey, mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery

honda city interior

Much more upscale look on the inside… But hating that red glow

Honda city show off

Proportionally improved and rims to die for

So now that the image are done for, let’s talk about the specification of the car. The car itself is heavily based upon the Fit, so it has the same engine, same suspension and everything in between. Meaning the new L15 i-VTEC producing 120ps, available 5-AT transmission with paddle shift and optional 5-MT (not announced yet, but I bet my mobile phone they will offer it in Indonesia). Mcpherson strut upfront and H-shaped torsion beam back suspension. It comes standard with ABS+EBD+BA and Airbags.

In the audio department, the new Honda City will have 6 speaker system (4 speakers + 2 tweeters) with steering mounted audio control. At least in the announced Thailand version. The car itself will be marketed not only in ASEAN countries, but also to India and China. From a blurry spy picture, it is shown that China Honda City will have a sunroof.

According to my sources (really bad sources), the car will be down spec’ed to meet its targeted price point in Indonesia. The rising cost of materials and taxes has made the new City reportedly too expensive for Indonesian market. But considering that every Honda products that rises in price received good amount of standard equipment, Honda might just sell the City as is. After all, there’s quite a big gap between previous Honda City and Honda Civic, price wise. On a side note, the new Honda Jazz (ASEAN Fit) comes with a hefty price tag, the most expensive compact compared to its competitors. Even the most basic model costs more than Toyota Yaris or Suzuki Swift. But the basic model does however offers ABS as standard.

With the new Honda City growing in size and does actually looks like a sedan, it might receive the title for “vehicle of choice of Junior Managers” (the real managers, not the self titled managers).

The car is just great… Bar none… I really wish I could afford it *sigh*. But oh well, my new ride is just as good, if not better (in some aspect or another).

Update: As per December 2008, Honda City is available in Indonesia… Accompanying it off course… A high price. For witty comments about what people comments of the new City pricing, click here.

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  2. Wow, that is cool, we having that model here right now. Vios is not good to this car, great Honda car.

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