Officially Official: Honda Freed Is Coming NEXT WEEK!

Oh my… What a delightful turn of event this is… It seems that I mistakenly translate trimester with semester. Last night in a closed session, Honda Indonesia finally unveils its intention to sell Honda Freed in Indonesia and the official launching of the car will be held on 11th of March, next week! Wow! This is actually happening, Indonesia will be the first ASEAN country to sell the Freed… Wait… Actually, if you want to put more emphasis on that, Indonesia will be the first country in the world to produce and sell Freed outside of Japan.

Honda Indonesia is very bold, very very bold if I might add… The Freed target market in Indonesia is already saturated with Daihatsu Xenia and its clone, Toyota Avanza. Then the venerable challenger Nissan Grand Livina. Not counting Suzuki APV and the soon to be released Daihatsu Luxio. But should Honda be afraid? Not really… We are talking Honda here! Where engineers are part magician and voodoo doctors.

The Freed first of all, is a front wheel driven, front engine minivan where its competitors are more or less a crossover between two cars sans the Grand Livina. The Xenia/Avanza is a crossover between MPV and SUV, high ground clearance with front engine, rear wheel driven setup. The Suzuki APV and Daihatsu Luxio origins are semi pick up truck with engine underneath driver seat driving the rear wheel. This doesn’t mean a thing, but when you start to add up the fact that FF cars like the Freed and Grand Livina have ample interior room thanks to the lack of driveshaft running from the front of the car to the back… Then it start to makes sense.

The Freed main competitor will be Nissan Grand Livina with its similar FF drivetrain setup. Size wise, although the Freed is shorter compared to Grand Livina, it has longer wheelbase and is taller, these facts should lead to the Freed having more ample interior room than the Grand Livina… Although it remain to be seen.

The last sentence leaves a lot to be desired, and I smell a comparison is coming! Comeback soon, I’ll prepare a paper comparison between Freed competitors in Indonesia… And to some extent, the ASEAN.

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  2. Dear Michael,
    some local mailing list has discussed a lot about Freed, the price in Japan is around 178mill IDR
    wonder how much HPM will release the price in Indo.
    there will 3 variants available?
    do you have any insider information regarding Freed release date? April? or June perhaps?
    many thanks.

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  4. Hi Andi,

    I’m sorry, I don’t have any insider information regarding the Freed. But I think we can predict the price fairly.

    Honda Fit RS, or our local Jazz RS is actually much more expensive in Japan than here. In Japan, the 5MT Fit is priced at around 1.8 Million Yen or roughly Rp. 217 Million, where the 5MT Fit here only costs Rp. 203 Million… Thanks to it being locally assembled. Oh, and everything is given equal, dual airbag, abs+ebd+ba, etc etc.

    Now… The Freed would also be locally assembled, so given the same specification and price, the Freed in Japan starts at 1.7 Million Yen, thus if its locally assembled, expect the Freed to be priced starting at Rp. 200 Million.

    … And no… The Freed starts at Rp. 178 Million in Japan is totally wrong. With today IDR Vs JPY, it’s Rp. 122.05 for 1 Yen, not Rp. 100 for 1 Yen (that’s 4 months ago… Perhaps the mailing list guys aren’t updated with current economy crisis).

    You can check the official price here and convert the forex here

  5. Hi Michael,

    A nice blog u hv here.

    As u well know, Indo market for 1.5 cramped with all kind of players. Fm ‘real van’ look such as Suzuki APV, Daihatsu Luxio to small MPV Toyo Avanza or Nissan Livina. Some even compare it to Innova with a bigger cc.

    Personally I give Two Thumbs Up to Honda. They known to give their first class products to sell in Indo, the same they sell it in Europe/US/Japan (though optional can be differ, the basic platform still the same – though).

    Unlike their main rival ‘the no 1 car seller’ u know which… it seems they prioritize money first with their slogan “If we can sell the 02nd grade car and selling well, why bother give Indo market the good car….” At least it’s my opinion.

    If u may enlighten me, my concern is with Freed is coming fm the same platform of Jazz. The challenge is Freed fully loaded with 7 adults (yes, u can depend in Indo we wont waste empty space, ever..) and considering the car having same ground clearance with Jazz and next task is having a battle with our/Indo roads notorious with potholes waiting to suck yr car deep into their holes.

    And it will be nice if u can compare it with the closest rival, Nissan Livina in yr next paper.

    And if any HPM guys reading this blog, it will be good if u put a price of Freed WISELY. Sure thing u dont want it end up just like New City, a good car with so damn expensive price. Hell, to be frank, given a choice, a sane people will go to Altis/Civic rather than new city.

    • Hello there Mr. Black,

      Yes, I’m in the process of comparing specs for the Freed and its competitors. In fact, there’s work (marketing) related entry and Freed paper comparison entry… Well, might do both since this is Saturday and work is few and between… I can squeeze some free time.

      About the City price… Sales are actually picking up according to friends on Honda dealerships. The truth of the matter is, Honda have this “zero inventory” concept, whereby they don’t actually keep fleets of cars on some Sunter garage (oops…) like other principals, they only keep some. Therefore, Honda Indonesia is prone to volatile price changes as they can’t protect prices on stocked products… Because they simply don’t have that many lying around like it was a fleet of taxis (double oops…). Now with principals raising car prices left and right because they have to replenish their stock, people actually realize, the City is not actually overpriced by much… Thus, the buying ensues. For Rp. 270 Million… The City offers superb automatic transmission with 5 gears, 120ps engine, comfortable rear seat, utility-utility-utility, and a look to die for… Those points are valid only to the City.

      That “why bother give the people better product” company… I heard personally from an ex worker there, how the factory workers have target to reduce Cost of Goods yearly while adding visual “upgrades” so the market think they are paying more for something more. Well… Who could blame that company… Remember, the customer shapes the market only if relevant information and knowledge are provided… Without… Let’s just say capitalism and corporation way of lateral thinking gets the better of us.


      There’s no telling how much the Freed will be priced. But personally I expect the price will start at Rp 200 Million and upwards.

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