Honda Prelude Concept Just Rocked My World

Out of nowhere, Honda just blew my mind away with the Honda Prelude Concept bound for Japan Mobility Show 2023.

Honda Prelude Concept carries the “driving pleasure” into the electrification era according to Honda press release. What astonish me about the concept is that how production ready the concept looks. Just look at the details, the door cut lines looks like a functional door. The concept even has wipers!

Honda Prelude Concept

The Prelude Concept literally comes out of nowhere because when Honda revealed the concept for Honda e (which is still under Honda Urban EV concept), there’s also a Honda Sports EV concept displayed as well. The Sports EV concept however has that obvious concept car looks, but this… This is production ready, hey, did I tell you guys this concept has wipers?

Anywho, Honda will display the car on Japan Mobility Show 2023 this weekend until November.

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