Power Of Dreams?

Power of Dreams… For those in the know, that’s Honda prevailing slogan for the longest time. But little knows what that really means. Some says it is just a marketing jargon aimed at creating personal approach that touch emotional side of the buyers. Power of Dreams, sounds fancy eh? It means a lot, from a dream you can reach everything, everything began with a dream, you have to dare to dream to reach the things you want; Those are just simple meanings that can be extracted from those three simple words. I don’t know what it means, but through the many many many Honda biography that I have (2), I found out that Power of Dreams might meant something much more simpler than one might suspect.

Do you know, the first Honda products that Soichiro made was a ring piston? The second biggest product Soichiro ever made was a bicycle converted into a motorbike with the addition of a motor converted from radio transceiver and powered by petrol supplied by a tank made out of a thermos. Back then Soichiro didn’t name this contraption, but he did named the engine as Type A. Later, the engine was further developed into type B, C and finally D. When the D engine had been invented, the bike actually has a name, and it was Dream Type D. Afterward, a four valve overhead valve engine was introduced and Dream Type D, became Dream Type E.

The Dream that started it all… The Honda Dream

My Honda autobiography did not specifically stated if Type A engine came with the name of Dream Type A. However, one can assume that Honda first products are named Dream(s). Now… What is this power of dreams again? It might just be that, the power of first Honda products that made Honda what it is now. Without the dreams (the bikes) Honda would never be what it is now, a multi national famous automotive company which won many awards for its products and reputation from multi discipline racing.

There you have it, the Power of Dreams… Probably if Honda first products are named durian, their slogan would be Power of Durians…

Silliness aside, I have to admit that the slogan really touch my heart… Power of Dreams simplicity gave me strength and hope to achieve my goals, something that is personal.  Honda Power of Dreams to me is that if I dare to dream it then I dare to try it. You don’t necessarily to buy a Honda, dreams are what made Honda today, the dreams of people and the endless hard work they had put so Honda exist today.

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