The Making of Honda Accord Euro Teaser Ad analysis (Part 1)

That’s right, there’s a short video of a short video of an advertisement. If that’s not a brand new marketing concept… I don’t know what is.

I stumbled upon, and I noticed they are displaying a behind the scene for a teaser ad of Honda latest sexy lady, the Accord Euro. Witty comments and three behind the scenes video after the click… Continue reading

Acura TSX 2009 Unleashed! (Updated with dyno result)

acura tsx headerAs Acura most successful and most selling product, the new 2009 TSX has a lot of ground to cover. Acura didn’t mess with success and designs the new TSX with similar cues as the out going generation. To satisfy the demands of its customers, Acura made the new TSX bigger and with a revised engine, producing slightly lower horsepower but more improved torque. More pictures and witty comments after the click. Continue reading

Acura TSX 2008/ Accord Euro Sedan Caught on Camera Phone

The guys at Temple Of VTEC never ceases to amaze me. After a slew of definite past news, now one of its member managed to take two pictures of the supposedly Acura TSX/Accord Euro Sedan being tested in America. I wonder why Honda/Acura tests its brand new car in a suburban area? You can click the thumbnail for larger pictures.

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

From the frontal view, the car is a dead ringer to the teaser pictures of Accord Euro wagon. It looks… How to say it, normal… Again, we are talking about Honda, the producer of boring looking cars which surprises us in every turn. Oh by the way, I’ve found a dry ground not long after evacuating with my trusty notebook, next up, exit strategy and why we all got to have it!