JDM Inspire/Global Accord Minor Facelift

Honda just recently tweak the styling of its domestic market luxury Inspire, or the more popular global Accord. The tweak is almost discernible especially in dark colors as Honda just change the bumper and grill design and add a little touch of chrome garnish at the rear.

Subtle design change gives more sculpted looks to the Inspire/Accord

The new bumper now features the same pronounced “V” lines from the recent Fit refresh, and apparently hinting that Honda is uniting its design creed. The grill portion of the car received a little bit of a sculpt and nudging the front part of the car just a wee bit. The grill lost one winglet but the two is a little bit bigger while retaining the same hexagonal shape of the original with a little more flair. The bumper design change is actually minimal, but the refreshed bumper is more pronounced and looks like an aggressive evolution of the original if you care to take a comparison note.

The original grill and bumper looked a bit soft compared to the refresh

Same design but more sculpted

The rear doesn’t have that aggressive sculpt change like the front bumper, Honda just added a chrome accent to the extra taillight… Extra? Yep, it’s an extra taillight and not just a garnish like USDM Accord. I don’t know much about JDM Inspire, but here in South East Asia, the faux taillight is actually a placeholder for a light bulb as you can actually make it usable. I’m thinking about rear fog lights, but somehow Honda take it out for some odd reason.

Faux taillights that actually can be made usable with ease

Way back when current generation Accord was launched, I loathed at the design with its blandness and utilitarianism. Although the design grew on me, I still think Honda could design a more upscale looking car for its Inspire/Accord name. Competitors like Nissan Teana and Toyota Camry have daring designs that screams upscale… But the Inspire is just too bland, too safe. I assume Honda management doesn’t want to take risks considering its target market, and Inspire/Accord target market might be bothered with radical design changes. However, I would like to see Honda management giving its product designer a little bit more freedom in the design department. Not Nissan and Mazda quirky, but a slightly edgier Toyota should fit Honda image.

Perhaps the new Civic which is due next year would have some more surprises, but the spy pictures tell the same tale , that Honda is playing safe again. We’ll see… I love Honda for its engineering, but a little bit of Tabasco or chili sauce with that Wagyu steak should be okay.


Honda of Japan Inspire website

Honda Accord Crosstour: New Age Media Ain’t For Everybody


New age media is here to stay whether we like it or not. The advent of internet has brought a new channel for advertiser to be used creatively or just as a simple tool in the already diverse medium to advertise. The use of emails to advertise was deemed effective as it has 100% delivery rate to the intended person or group mail account if the matter in question involves group mail or mailing lists. As years goes by, advertising through emails are now considered an act of annoyance and people dubbed this effort as spamming. As modern email accounts and clients have active spam filters, advertising through emails are not deemed effective anymore.

The emergence of social networking sites like Friendster, Twitter and Facebook is like an oasis in the dessert. Advertisers do not have to worry anymore with cluttered air space of traditional media like prints, TVs, and radios where the seemingly crowded space never guarantees the message get through the intended target market without significant cost of high frequency. Advertisers can easily targets groups of people according to age and interests just by seeing what group these people follows in their respective social networks. It mimics the success of advertising through emails before advertisers cluttered the channel and making people go against it.

Moonfruit, a hosting/Web Design Company in America, used twitter to promote themselves, with great result. The participant only needs to write Moonfruit on their twitter update and they are in to win a Macbook Pro. The resulting effort becomes viral, and Moonfruit popularity soared sky high as even local TV news (CNN) picked up the story, making the company seemingly “free advertisement” had become a global phenomenon which attracts far beyond the planned target audience. As such, some perceive the internet as the best tool in modern marketing currently available.

The Fall of Perception

Honda of America, as one of the leading automotive company in the United States was also intrigued to use this newly established channel to advertise. Using Facebook, Honda did teaser marketing on their launch of new line of car called Accord Crosstour (click to visit Crosstour Facebook page). At no cost at all to join Facebook and establish a product page, Honda of America CPM is nonexistent, but it manage to reach hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Facebook users. When the teaser pictures revealed one by one on Honda Facebook page, the responds were good, Facebook users and follower of Honda Crosstour Facebook account cannot wait to see a new line of car based on the successful Honda Accord series.

Crosstour unique fascia

It is not until the car was completely unveiled, the unexpected happened. The curiosity comments became violently negative. Hate words came out from the masses and Honda Crosstour comment page was filled with negative comments. Honda even had to delete several comments (28) and one comment from Honda own product planner (click to see the link). Several online automotive media picks up the story and even more damaging publicity ran loose on the internet. Honda damage control was by putting notes on the Crosstour Facebook page by saying things like “the car was accepted very well by the demographics/target market per their internal research”, “and several comments were out of line and not in line with Honda corporate effort”. Honda even stated that the car was not pleasant to look at on the angles that were on the pictures when the car was finally unveiled. Honda changed the color from silver to red and features more photos from different angles. Photos from Honda own press kits that should not be displayed yet until the car official launch later this year. The damage is done and Honda notes further fuel the flame of bad words to new high.

No Wrong Step Just Wrong Channel

My analysis of this incident is that Honda is too eager to use new age media and misjudge the capacity and channel usage of the demographics. Speaking technically, The Crosstour is a good car. The car was a crossover between full size sedan and an SUV. Low center of gravity means driving dynamics would not be as compromised as in tall SUV. It’s a hatch, meaning people of all sizes can access the cargo bay with ease. Honda press kit reads that the seating position will be elevated like in SUV, giving great driving view. The car will features four wheel drive system which will allow it to go on snowy, muddy, wet areas without problem. The engine itself reportedly will use Accord own 3.5L which offers more than enough power to satisfy Americans with their preference of power over efficiency. A good car technically, but visually, it has some questionable lines. The car has huge blocky front end, a design cue taken straight from Accord. However, it has a sloping rear hatch which does not go very well with the symmetrical front end.

Aerodeck/fastback design is clean

I would guess visually, Honda deliberately made the car to look like Honda Accord; after all, the Accord is Honda of America top 3 biggest selling cars. Marketing wise, Honda would want to associate Crosstour with the Accord to indicate lineage and thus relying on Accord brand equity to push sales; hence the name, Accord Crosstour.

Regarding the demographics, Honda did not reveal any specifics but here is my definition of the targets based on the available facts. Accord Crosstour targeted demographics are established people, somebody who values practicality (hatchback), have excess disposable income to fuel the thirsty car (big engine + 4WD system), and is associated with Accord (mature). Looking at the simple facts the car brought, we can see clearly the intended target market. Roughly sketching from their slice of life, I conclude that Accord Crosstour demography is aged around 34-45, SES A to A+, economically stable with excess income, senior managers or higher, sensible and practical.

According to Internet & American Life Project (PEW), these sort of people falls into the Gen X category. A mature older generation which still embrace change and technology, unlike past generation baby boomers. However, this is where I find a fault in Honda approach on using Facebook to unveil the new Accord Crosstour.

Stark differences in habits of browsing according to survey

PEW research data (click to download original survey data) clearly indicates that Teens and Gen Y are the majority users of social networking sites; whereas the Accord Crosstour was targeted at the Gen X group. This discrepancy alone should already warned Honda at the impending comments thrown out by non targets especially those who still consider fashion over function (teens and the young at heart). The biggest problem of all is not just about the negative comments, but the amount of negative comments is there. When Honda entered the social networking site, they should be aware of the normative social influence phenomenon which dictates a group behavior as a whole.

Social networking sites are in essence a meeting place of groups of people. Those who are not a group will join a group and with the metaphysical bonds of internet it’s a group bonded with fragile existence. In their book, Aronson, Wilson & Akert (Social Psychology), normative social influence dictates that to belong, a person will join a group cohesive respond. As such, internet users are susceptible to mass opinion which has been initially created. In this case, negative comments for Honda Accord Crosstour. The anonymity aspect of internet commenter is also at play here. Under the disguise of nicknames and email accounts, a person can speak to their heart content without needing to heed manners of speaking.

Tread Slowly and Take The Right Step

Some believe that any publicity is a good publicity, as it will make the object in question will be at the top of the mind. Coupled with coverage from other media, it is hoped becoming viral, creating buzz marketing. However, personally I found this is disturbing to say the least. Bad publicity is bad publicity no matter how we look at it. It might become a top of mind, but a top of mind on negative terms or at least not the perceived value they wanted. Awareness might be high, but it will prevent the masses or wider target audience even from entering “Interest” aspect of AIDA. While our competitors are trying to do what they can to tease our intended target market sway towards them, using the bad publicity we have gathered as a leveraged towards them.

The use of Internet as a medium to advertise is a great idea. However, I concur that when selecting media to advertise, we need to go back to the basic by analyzing which media to use based on the target market preference. Most companies which successfully advertised using social networking media usually works around the internet itself, thus the relevance of using the internet as medium.

Honda Accord Crosstour Facebook fiasco was caused by Honda eagerness to adopt new age media, without considering thoroughly who the majority user of social networking was. Free advertising is one thing, but targeted media coupled with creative approach are still the key success factor to win the attention of target markets in today’s crowded media.


This short analysis was actually a case study I submitted to an agency when I applied for a planner position. A bit much I think, but considering that I’ve been working on client side for quite a while, a case study to showcase what I can deliver to them should be sufficient.

In short, does Honda made a mistake using Facebook to market the Crosstour? Personally I think is yes, it’s a blunder. Most people (including me) always look at face value, that we draw conclusion based on what I see first/first impression. When the Crosstour was revealed, it just looked weird on the photos, no specs, no driving impression, just weird car on photos.

I wonder why Honda didn’t just used the same ol’ media outlet like automotive reviewers? Because reading every bit review of the car net brilliant result. Not much cargo space, but refinement, driving, and comfort scores full marks. The reviews creates positive marks for the Crosstour, and Honda can utilize this reviews rather than using Facebook.

The Making of Honda Accord Euro Teaser Ad analysis (Part 1)

That’s right, there’s a short video of a short video of an advertisement. If that’s not a brand new marketing concept… I don’t know what is.

I stumbled upon Difficultisworthdoing.com, and I noticed they are displaying a behind the scene for a teaser ad of Honda latest sexy lady, the Accord Euro. Witty comments and three behind the scenes video after the click… Continue reading

Huge Update Coming, Some Articles About Honda Accord (Fat)

Well, apparently, my intention of upgrading this blog into something more “enjoyable” to view has been met with numerous challenges. I’ve took a domain name… Well, it’s a no brainer what the name is (you’ll know soon enough), but I couldn’t find the “it” template to use. Luckily, a good friend of mine offered his help to modify the new site visuals. There’s also time problem, as like before, this is my toughest month of my life (part final). This month could very well dictates my future literally.

Until the new website is ready, please enjoy some news I collect about Honda Accord in the United States (US and global, not the sexy Euro version) this past week.

Honda Accord is Car and Driver Best Family Sedan

Basically, the Accord has been with Car and Driver’s 10 best car since its 32 years of existence, a record breaking 22 times.  What not to love from the Accord? Being the best in the United States of America means that Accord offers the perfect balance of performance, comfort and economy, something that its competitor must sacrifice at least 1 aspect of what Accord has from the start. Car and Driver praises Accord’s driving responsiveness and highly ergonomic interior, the editor also mentioned how steeply reclined the back seat is… Probably giving it delicious seating posture for those back seat drivers.

Honda Accord Coupe is Motortrend Best FF Coupe 

We have the Accord sedan and exclusive for America is the Coupe version, a supposedly grown up Prelude (RIP) and a sporty Accord. Although sporty and Accord shouldn’t be said in one sentence because the Accord is basically a family car, it actually works. Motortrend tests and compared three FF coupes available in America which are the Accord Coupe, Nissan Altima Coupe, and Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Accord wins hands on in this comparison, being the longest wheelbase around, it sits 5 adult comfortably, and with the best drivability in the comparison, the Accord brings home the gold. Even though Accord’s 3.5L produces 268HP, less than Altima’s 270HP, the overall combination of fun to drive decimates the competition.

There you go, the Accord, it has the looks of a so-so vanilla ice cream cone, but when you drive it you’ll swear you are licking a strawberry Sunday surprise for sure, a super ice cream taste without the fancy dressing.

The Official Honda Accord Euro 2008 and Witty Comments

On 11 February 2008, Honda officially announced the all new Accord for Europe. Building from previous success of the Accord lineage in Europe, Honda rebuild it with extensive and ground breaking technology for safety, performance and environmental awareness (how much does Honda paid me to write this stuff?).

Frankly, I’ve never been a “wagon person”, I’m more into the sedan crowd. However, after seeing the Accord Euro Wagon, I’m amazed how the design can excite me so much. Personally I consider wagons design take their cue from a hearse, but not this Accord. Well, if I have to be snobby, this Accord Wagon also looks like a hearse, but a cool, futuristic, jet age hearse. I want my dead body to be carried on that hearse.

And… We also have the usual sedan guise for the Accord. I have to admit, the design is a stark reminder of previous generation Accord Euro but with a more modern and cool feel. Honda take the cue of past design and redo it perfectly… So why the fat Accord (American/Asian Accord or Japanese Inspire) looks like… Well, it looks like vanilla compared to Accord Euro’s Triple Chocolate Chip Raspberry Durian Surprise (I want to make that ice cream flavor).

Now let’s talk about its safety feature and everything else…

To say that this car is safe, we have a lot more and I should emphasize this, A LOT MORE to talk about. Unlike those auto company whom claim that their cars are the safest needs to worry a lot about this car. For its safety package (some are optional) Honda offers several step ups for the all new Accord Euro. First, let’s talk about its active safety package. The all new Accord Euro has Motion Adaptive Electronic Power Steering. This steering aid is not just your average electric driven power steering, it also detects instability in slippery conditions both during cornering and under braking and automatically initiates steering inputs aimed at prompting the driver to steer in the correct direction. Being a front wheel driven car, this system benefits a lot during aqua planing, a situation where the steering suddenly jerks towards a deep puddle when the front wheel is running through it. There’s also Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), where brakes are applied to left and right wheels and automatic engine modulation to maintain trajectory stability. Both systems are a standard across the Accord Euro range. There’s also the usual complete set of airbags, brake assists, ABS, and every boring safety stuff in the current automotive world.

Then we have the Advanced Driving Aid System (ADAS) which is optional for the car, and I have to say, you got to have it. The ADAS is a combination of three system, the Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and the Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS). Weird marketingless acronym and technical jargon aside, the ADAS is the most complete active safety package Honda currently offers, only lacking the infrared vision found on Honda Legend and automatic parallel parking feature. Let’s break the ADAS system one by one:

  1. LKAS, like the name implied is a system that monitors your current heading on the road and maintains straight line through seamless torque steer input. A camera monitors the traffic lane to knows where the car is in relation to the road. Of course, you still need to turn sharp bends manually, this system only maintains straight heading and light bends.
  2. ACC, it’s one of my dream feature for a car. Unlike regular Cruise Control, Adaptive Cruise Control uses milimeter wave radar to judge the distance between the Accord Euro and the car in front of it. The speed of the car then reduced and increased (to the limit we set) automatically in relation to the car in front of it. This way, your right foot is literally free from the pedal on highways, especially in combination with the CMBS.
  3. CMBS, is a braking system that monitors the speed and distance towards an object in front of the car. If there’s a pending obstruction or another car, it will first warn the driver of pending crash, and if the warning is not heed, the car will brake automatically, gradually and then full stop. This is a cool feature that every car must have in my opinion. Using the same milimeter wave radar on the ACC, the car will notify the driver by jerking his seatbelt if there’s a “drastic reduce” in speed of the object in front of it. If the jerking is not enough, it will then applies the brake.

I don’t condone the use of excessive driving aids actually, it makes the driver less apparent towards the condition of the road. Honda is aware of this and doesn’t apply the full auto pilot control of the car to the itself. The LKAS for example, it can actually turn for itself on gradual bends (not sharp) and thus making the car totally self driving. However, if the car noticed that you are not holding the steering wheel, it will tell you to hold it back… Or what? Don’t know… Potentially, the car can drive for itself for 15 seconds before the LKAS system asks you to hold back the steering wheel again. After all, the LKAS only maintains straight line given you manually steer the car. Theres’ a video link I put about how ADAS system works at the end of the entry.

Powering the car will be three engines, all new for 2008 Accord Euro. A 2L i-VTEC engine producing 156 ps, revised to deliver better fuel economy, a 2.4L i-VTEC producing 200ps (the engine that is used on Acura TSX), and the all new i-DTEC diesel engine. As the second generation diesel engine from Honda, it produces 150ps from a 2.2L, up from 140ps from the passing i-CTDI engine and it is claimed to be more frugal. All engine complies to Euro-5 emission standard that will be effective next September. Just for comparison, my country only recently adopts Euro-2 emission standard (that’s 3 level below Euro-5). All engine type have a choice of 6-speed manual or 5-speed auto sans the diesel which only available in manual trim. However there are rumors abound that next year it will be offered with 5-speed auto. Probably current generation automatic Honda transmission couldn’t handle the abundance of torque generated from the engine.

That’s that for the all new Honda Accord Euro 2008 sedan and wagon. As usual, the car will come to North America under the guise of Acura TSX. I actually like the Acura grill better, let’s hope the ADAS system makes it to the states because it could be that “luxury” item Acura needs (pending the V8, full size flagship sedan and supercar).

Source and viewing material

Official Honda press material
Video on how ADAS system works


As I was writing about the confession about being a marketer… I stumble upon Temple Of VTEC preview of Honda cars that received a “prototype” body kit treatment for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon show. Honda brings three blinged up ride, the Civic Type-R, the fat Accord (called Inspire in Japan) and the Fit.

The Fit only receives small interior update, because it’s fairly new. The Civic looks like shit… Sorry, I have to say it. It just looks like garbage, complete with garbage like stickers. It’s like a 12 year deranged kid got mad because his mother doesn’t buy him playboy and he’s playing with Need For Speed Underground after a marathon of pimp my ride… It’s just wrong!

But the Inspire… Holy Marry mother of God! Please Honda… PLEAAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEE Make this body kit as an option for the Accord globally, not just Japan. I will delete my post about my rant of how 2008 Honda Accord looks like and put up an open apology letter on this blog for Honda. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGWTFWTHROTFLLCBBQ!!!! It makes the so-so Accord looks like awesome, it screams presence, menace and respect.

Click here for source and more pictures

Accord 2008 Global Image Comparison

I might have been too harsh for my preview of the 2008 Honda Accord Asia version. The thing is that, Toyota as Honda main competitor tried very hard to differentiate products where different aesthetic taste is appreciated. Western stereotypes and Eastern stereotypes are very different like cats and dogs, especially when appreciating something visually. Simple and utilitarian are a perfect combination for Westerners while Easterners prefers “the blings”.

Toyota decided to change the face of Camry for American and Eastern market, creating an almost altogether different car (visually). You guys can check it out with the image below…

accord us front

Accord Asia front

Can you guess which Accord is for Asian and American market? (hint:you can’t, it’s the same)

Accord Asia Back

Accord America Back

Can you guess which Accord is for Asian and American market? (hint:you can, now it’s a bit different)

Now let’s take a look at US and Asian Toyota Camry…

Asian Camry

US Camry

Asian Camry (above) and US Camry (below)

As you guys can see, how starkingly different the US and Asian Camry are, while the Accord is just that… The same. As US market is utilitarian, they mostly didn’t care about the exclusion of projector headlight on the Accord, while the US Camry has them. This is once again, only a cosmetic as it is the bulb that is more important than the shape of the headlight. However, Asian market whores about silly cosmetics, and Accord doesn’t have it.

Management wise, Honda did the right thing. It’s cost saving measure to the highest degree, after all, what we need is basic transportation right? Wrong… Marketing wise it’s not the right thing to do. In marketing we have what we call customer focus, where one shaped a product based on what is the market demand. However, Honda has this penchant notion that Honda users are glad being shoved on what they need not what they want.

Truth be told, even though I’m rambling how the Accord looks, magazines and people love the new Accord. In America, the new Accord gains first place in many mid sedan comparisons (cars.com, edmunds.com, wheels.ca). Even though one publication rates the Accord third, at least three other publication rates the Accord at first.

So there you go, visually I loathe at the new Accord, but my friends told me… When you are sitting/driving in the new Accord you won’t see what’s on the outside, you drive the car, you enjoy the seating, you feel the raw power of the engine and bathe in the luxurious and cozy interior. They might be right… I am to cynical about how it looks, I forgot what makes a Honda a Honda… A sensible car. Because in the end, I guess it’s not how you look, but it’s what you have inside, that makes you as a person, that also applied to a car I guess.

(I’m watching 12 days of Christmas eve at Hallmark, and I guess it softens this bitter heart a bit)

Images are taken from Temple Of Vtec, Toyota Indonesia website, Honda Thailand website, and Edmunds.com, cropped to fit.

Accord finishes first at Edmunds comparison

Cars.com Accord comparison

Wheels Accord car of the year candidate

My Personal Preview (rant) of 2008 Honda Accord (Asian Version)

So it is official, Honda has launched Accord in Thailand as of last week. So why do I keep mum for all of these time? The self proclaimed rabid Honda fan boy? Well… It’s because I didn’t like it. To speak without restrain, Honda has done stupid things in the past, but with the launch of Accord in Thailand, they have done the most stupid thing in history as far as I know. When Takeo Fukui made his speech at Tokyo Motor Show, he said specifically that Accord will be a global model, meaning that around the world there will only be one Accord. Is this a good thing? Well, read on…

America Honda Motor a couple months ago has released Accord in the states with mixed comments from the industry. The V6 coupe has garnered many many fans while the sedan received a welcome pat on the back. It is Honda Accord after all, winner of Car and Driver magazine family sedan of the year ever since 1985, so no surprise there. But when I look at it… Damn, the car looked too bland, too “safe”, and too vanilla-ey. I guess Honda wants to play safe and gives the north American Accord the mild styling, they’ve done so in the past with the north American Civic.

The reception for this “safe” design approach was accepted by the Americans, well, their stereotype does involve simplicity over style. The Civic with the simple head light line and Honda City 2nd generation simple rear lights was a hit. Compared to the Asian/rest of the world Civic (sans Civic Euro), the north American Civic is very bland. The Asian Civic even got integrated into the Canada Acura product line as the CSX, just for styling alone.

Now here’s what I have for the global model announcement. By being a global model, a Honda car will basically have the same look anywhere it is sold in this world although there is the possibility of a minor cosmetic change. The Fit for example, it’s a global model, and from Europe to Asia to America and beyond, the Fit shape will be similar no matter what. So what does this bode for the Accord as it’s becoming a global model… One thing for sure, the shape of American Accord will be the same around the world

When the announcement was available, I immediately voiced my concerned on many internet message boards, one being Temple Of VTEC. I specifically criticize the bland styling of American Accord that will be globalizes. The world is not America (even though American government wants it that way), therefore what being sold / attractive there doesn’t necessarily means it will be the same anywhere else. Sure Accord is America Honda Motor bread and butter product, but will it be successful outside of America with the same styling?

Toyota had done their homework very well, creating a higher scale (cosmetically) Camry outside of America. Compared to Asian Camry, the American Camry looks bland, just what the Americans like. The Asian Camry however looks down right expensive and upscale. 7th generation Accord one up last generation Camry by having a full chrome around the side windows (the last gen Asian Camry has only chrome on the bottom side of the side windows. Now, Camry one up 8th generation Accord by having full chrome around the side windows and chrome lining around the fog lamps and more aggressive looking bumper… How about Asian Accord? Well, it is the same with American Accord, bland.

The rear American Accord was like a huge void of sheet metal with a big fat H logo on the center of the trunk. Thankfully, the Asian Accord received an ornamental thin red stripe extended from the rear lamps towards the center of the trunk, just like current generation Honda Odyssey.

The interior is also a shameful excuse for a Honda badge… It’s basically the 7th generation Accord interior with small changes… What the hell… I know the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but come on, it looks almost the same with the last generation if I don’t look hard enough.

Thankfully, my father is taking CEO position in his office and doesn’t align himself directly with Honda anymore. If he does still work with Honda, he has to buy the new Accord.

Why does a rabid self proclaimed Honda fan boy said all of this things? Because I want Honda to step up and show some balls. Because Accord is the most popular car in the states doesn’t mean it will sell everywhere else around the world.

However, the engine of the new Asian Accord is quite good though. 180ps, the most powerful 2.4L engine in its class, I think the Camry has a 160-166ps 2.4L engine. A fast ugly expensive sedan will still be faster than a slow upscale pretty expensive sedan.

Here’s some links to Asian and American Honda resources.

Honda Accord Thailand website

American Honda Accord full overview

Oh, almost forgot to add, the Thailand Accord will be the base for Asian Accord including Australia. Although many applaud its driving dynamics, the drivetrain, the improved interior space, the everything… It is just ugly, bar none. Oh well, I can already imagine what they are going to do with the mid life cycle upgrades, but why won’t they do it in the first place?

Entry updated here…