As I was writing about the confession about being a marketer… I stumble upon Temple Of VTEC preview of Honda cars that received a “prototype” body kit treatment for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon show. Honda brings three blinged up ride, the Civic Type-R, the fat Accord (called Inspire in Japan) and the Fit.

The Fit only receives small interior update, because it’s fairly new. The Civic looks like shit… Sorry, I have to say it. It just looks like garbage, complete with garbage like stickers. It’s like a 12 year deranged kid got mad because his mother doesn’t buy him playboy and he’s playing with Need For Speed Underground after a marathon of pimp my ride… It’s just wrong!

But the Inspire… Holy Marry mother of God! Please Honda… PLEAAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEE Make this body kit as an option for the Accord globally, not just Japan. I will delete my post about my rant of how 2008 Honda Accord looks like and put up an open apology letter on this blog for Honda. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGWTFWTHROTFLLCBBQ!!!! It makes the so-so Accord looks like awesome, it screams presence, menace and respect.

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