Thanks For The Letters

Dear valued readers,

To sum this thank you post in one sentence would be a travesty to the emails you have sent to me. Ever since I put my email address on the bottom right of the sidebar, I’ve tons of emails to read (okay… But 18 emails from a live person not some spammers is a lot for me). Be sure that I will reply to you all, but most of all, I would like to publicly thank you all for the support and kind words.

But to answer the most basic question of why I wrote my blog mainly in English is because I wanted to practice my English, if it weren’t already bad enough in the real world… So I put most of my post in English. Technically speaking also, most of my readers (75% according to Google analytics) are from English speaking countries (with USA & Singapore leading the viewers).

So, all in all, thank you once again for all the supporting words and hoping that my blog post is any of use to you guys.

Best regards,

Michael Adhi