Here comes the new Fit… For sure :)

Heh… It looks my previous post speaks volume, it is the new Fit/Jazz, so here goes another set of PR photos from Honda, leaked from a Japanese website.

Here’s the front side and back side profile of the new Fit RS, the cheaper version make do without side skirts, aggressive bumpers and side mirror mounted turning signal.

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Here’s the RS interior, once again, the regular version will make do without the big navi screen.

The skyroof, nice…

The RS and regular Fit front side by side comparison… Somehow I prefer the regular bumpers, less aggressive, but better grill. I always hate chrome… And what do you know, Pink is in again.

Now for the sad part… Can Honda deliver a real Fit/Jazz in Indonesia? Honda took a bitter pill when the first generation Honda City is unveiled to the public, back in the 1990s. The carburated 1.3L engine which according to Honda research is the best combo for Indonesian because it is easy to repair and very fuel efficient. But what happened back then was, sales slump… Terribly. Not until Honda bump up the engine to 1.5L and adds VTEC, the sales soar. It seems that Indonesian look at the capacity of the engine and not the power it produces… Of course, when people asked about engine spec, they will only ask for the size of the engine. The last Jazz i-DSI engine is 1.5L, 0.2L more than the original 1.3L the Japanese market received. I suspect that this is because Honda doesn’t want to mess up with people opinion about the power of the engine, which is already small (88ps). But what irks me is that the bump in engine spec doesn’t produce anything at all, from the original 86ps, the power only goes 2ps extra.

I don’t know about technical specs, but Honda stated that the1.3L i-DSI can go 1L for 24KM… Taken into account real life and bad fuel we have here in Indonesia, the figure should roughly achieves 1L for 18KM or so… But my Jazz can only rack up 1L for 12KM at best. I drive like a frigid old grandmother while carrying my 6 months grandchild next to me, so I don’t see how this can be without faulty engine spec or whatnot. I hope Honda keeps the original 1.3L i-VTEC with the new Jazz… Please…

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