Weekend rollade

Okay, for this week, I’ve talked about experimental and hypocrisy marketing. Experimental marketing is actually something to be expected these days, especially because of a rapid change in our social culture condition. Yamaha reposition Mio from a scooter for woman to a scooter for man is not something new in the world of marketing. Marlboro for example, it was first designated as a cigarette for woman, but what do we see now about Marlboro advertisement? Well, I guess you cannot associate cowboys and the plains with the elegance and beauty of the woman kind.

Will Honda follow Yamaha footstep and change Vario’s positioning like Mio? It is very likely, Honda and Yamaha are both the number one and two motorcycle player in Indonesia, and they fiercely fight for the number one spot. Although the current market is held by Honda, in February, they lost the number one title to Yamaha. At least it should be a wake up slap for Honda to not just sit idly and expect their brand to help along.

Hypocrisy marketing is actually not called that way; it is just good old plain maintaining good media relationship. When you maintain a good media relationship, most often than not, when you have a bad product that is reviewed by the media, the media would soften the blow in their respective review. A disreputable media might say only good things about your product, even if you are selling a stale dog poo, when you have good standings with them. But not all media are bastards, some have integrities, but some you can buy it straight out of the box.

Be warned though, when you meet a bastard media, which is trying to sweet talk their way to write good things about your products… Stop. When people knows what kind of a media that was, your product and brand image might falls down with them. It’s a bit of a gamble, but if a media looses its credibility, so does the product reviewed in it. This kind of media sometimes just wanted to get you to put advertisement on their media as sign of thanks for writing a good product review.

So, have a nice weekend, and next week… Arsenal approach and COMEBACK MARKETING… When will I stop using this corny term…

BTW, perhaps I’m gonna change the visual theme of this blog next week, I’ve received emails that my blog was heavy to load with all of those Fit pictures. Perhaps I’m going to make a short article with a link somewhat…

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