Weekend Roulade: Franchising Fiasco

So I’ve start a topic about franchising using Krispy Kreme as its example. Well, in Indonesia currently Krispy Kreme is facing a tough challenge in the form of a local branded donuts chain store, akin to KK. As a franchise, KK chain stores must sell products that is defined by the main headquarter somewhere in America. However, this strong point of franchising becomes KK main disadvantage in Indonesia.

KK looses to J.Co (the local branded donuts chain store) simply because J.Co modifies the recipe which at first tasted similar to KK donuts. J.Co listens to the customers complains about how its donuts are too sweet and changed the recipe to become less sweet… And what do you know, it works. Now KK chain stores in Indonesia couldn’t follow suit isn’t it? How’s that for franchising becoming the easy money people would hope?

I’ve mentioned also about the difficulties of setting up a franchise, especially about location. I ate at Burger King this afternoon, and really wonders about why oh why Burger King closed down so many years ago… Apparently there are lots of people eating there, and I don’t see a reason why they left, considering this must be a franchise, thus taste will not differ that drastically in just a short time. So this short minded brain of mine started to theorize a bit.

Burger King chain stores in Jakarta are available in the best, most glamour shopping place around, the Senayan City and Grand Indonesia. How about back then? Well, back then Burger King was available at Kelapa Gading Mall… Not the most glamorous place then or even now as a matter of fact. So does desirability location affect Burger King so bad it just went out so many years ago? Perhaps, but I need to delve in further with the many resource I have.

Oh about marketers go to hell thing… I really mean it.

Next week! Super Salesman, is there such a thing? Actually it has to do with my recent visit to a Suzuki dealership. With such a keen intention writing about how good Suzuki products nowadays, I was really surprised when I visited one of its dealership… Well, you can guess I’m going to rant.

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