Mugen Newest Craziness… Mugen Civic Type RR

We know Mugen, the-not-so-official-Honda-tuner who always has crazy ideas about increasing the performance out of Honda’s latest products. Last year we witnessed the arrival of Honda Civic Mugen Dominator concept. A Civic with a supercharged K20 engine producing 300 horsepower akin to the engine found on the Ariel Atom. While Honda is against of using force induction technology, Mugen is free as they are not officially Honda therefore their product concept often leads to “interesting” what if scenario.

Aside from the supercharged engine, Mugen also changed the Civic body kit to full carbon fiber, a rear diffuser + exhaust, and an adjustable rear wing.

Mugen latest crazy work with Honda’s mid sized car is the Mugen Civic Type RR. This time because it uses the venerable Type R moniker, Mugen respect what it means and created a car akin to the Dominator concept while using naturally aspirated engine. Derived from the same K20 engine, Mugen upstroke the engine to 2200cc producing 260 horsepower, while a king’s ransom worth in carbon fiber is used to change the whole front side of the car and used in the interior for aesthetic and structural integrity.

Again, this is just a “what if” scenario, Mugen doesn’t intend to make it commercial except if there are sufficient demand.

By the way, Honda Type R cars always means naturally aspirated, and light.

Honda always sticks to their nonsensical “gentleman” rule that a car engine should be naturally aspirated, and it’s the raw driving sensation that is more important. From that point of thinking, all race bred Honda cars will have stiff suspension for better track handling, light chassis that throws away all the amenities (audio system and AC is surely gone, or optional), and all cars will be powered by a naturally aspirated engine. Sure, all of that combined will results in a naturaly balanced cars, heck, even all Type Rs from Honda is regarded as the most fun to drive cars by many. The perfect car… Is it? Well, one thing for sure, if you win a touring car with a Honda it shows that you are one heck of a great driver. Sure all race bred Honda cars have near perfect handling, but their engine power are nothing to be desired. It’s a given trademark… If all the touted “racing simulation” games out there really is a simulation, then it is replicating real world results. So I played Gran Turismo 4 and Forza Motorsport 2 on the Playstation and XBOX platform, driving the Integra Type-R was such a satisfying feeling. Against Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Evo 8, I win… What the… Both cars decimate my puny naturally aspirated engine right from the start of the race, but through consistency and daring corner late brakes, somehow I chase them and won. The same happens when I drove the WRX or the EVO, I blasted the Integra at the start of the race, but somehow near the finish, the gap is close, very close and occasionally I cheat to win (can’t tell 🙂 )

Mugen concepts from time to time doesn’t adhere to Honda philosophy, so they use force induction and still provides amenity to their products. However, this philosophy is why I love Honda, because it’s very uncommon nowadays to find even a person who have such integrity… Me? Well, let’s just say that I have similar integrity and it brought so much misery.


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  2. this civic mugen rr limited just 300 car .. i hop in The future be more mugen rr civic 2010 -2012

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