The Making of Honda Accord Euro Teaser Ad analysis (Part 1)

That’s right, there’s a short video of a short video of an advertisement. If that’s not a brand new marketing concept… I don’t know what is.

I stumbled upon, and I noticed they are displaying a behind the scene for a teaser ad of Honda latest sexy lady, the Accord Euro. Witty comments and three behind the scenes video after the click…

Marketing… A term that is beaten to death, but not so dead that people can spit at its corpse. Like a holy son of God, on the third day, marketing wakes from the dead and manifests itself in different form and meaning. Marketing is a term that people around the world confess they knew everything about it, and still… Those same people write a book about marketing with gusto akin to Indiana Jones when he found the Holy Grail. Unlike Indiana Jones, these people writes about marketing each year, unlike the dominus (fancy word for 1) that is Holy Grail. They write again about this new marketing term, adding another P in the 4Ps (now 64553 Ps + 515241 the last time I count… Don’t reason while drunk), and basically rewriting a book with just a few page of new nformation worthy to be documented.

I do admit though, some marketing gurus out there devised and termed something that is related to marketing with such elegance, I could swear there’s an underground secret organization that came up with these terms of trends. The latest trend of marketing is buzz marketing, catchy isn’t it? A marketing concept that involves unpaid individuals, mostly the target markets to talk about some product. Like we know, unpaid individuals are the best weapon a marketer could wield to spread a message. Well, they are unpaid first (everything free should always be reason number 1), and second but not less important, they have no allegiance to anybody, even the product itself. That’s why celebrity endorsement advertising effect doesn’t hit as hard as it used to be… They are a paid individual, that’s why they talk good things about the product. Consumers are getting smarter you know…

That’s why a teaser ad was made. To stir up emotion, questions and most of all, interest of what is going to be revealed at the end of it all. Michael… Teaser marketing is oh so old… Why you came up with that old term? Well, I just found out a website that displays a short video of a making of a teaser ad… Is that the right grammar people? You watch the first on the first lines of this ridiculously Michael’s trademark of writing (boring people), now here’s the rest.

Amazing? Amazingly interesting. They put a behind the scene before the actual ad. Anybody remembered the amazing choir ad for Honda Europe Civic? They made that amazing ad first then release a behind the scene. Now this behind the scene of a teaser ad is really interesting, because it came first before the real teaser ad. Honda definitely wants to stir up the marketing world with a new concept, preteaser marketing campaign! Wait, I hold the right for that term, anybody can paypal me a $5 whenever you are using it (come on, I’m just joking, it’s $10, $1 for international online check clearing).

Talking theoretically… Oh my, there goes my last reader… Anyway, theoretically, according to Shannon’s model of communication, a message will go through the barrier of noise before accepted to the intended receiver to be interpreted. This concept of communication theory requires the fundamental concept of the universe… Time. No matter how well your message is conveyed, and with the added bonus of no noise barrier… IF there is no time to interpret it, your message is like a fart among people walking in Tokyo at rush hour. You just smell something funny and you continue walking.

Time is also one of the considerations of doing marketing strategically. What Honda is doing with the release of this behind the scene videos of a short video of a real ad is to extend the time of which potential target market of the message realized the existence of the ad. Let’s say Honda didn’t bother to release this teaser of a teaser ad. BAM, All new Accord Euro… In one month it will be old news. But they can extend the time of the marketing campaign by adding a teaser campaign, with the benefit of stronger brand/product recollection, not to mention the anticipation. Now let’s stretch it out a little more with a preteaser ad. You have three times of time needed for people to be aware of your campaign! Brilliant! Off course it came with a hefty price tag… I couldn’t imagine how much Honda paid for a three separate campaign.

This preteaser campaign for me, fell into the category of buzz marketing. It’s not viral, nobody pretends to be something they are not… I wrote this? Because I’m a big nut for Honda. Click here just to make sure… Honda probably expect people to talk about this preteaser campaign, as to make people aware of the existence of a marketing campaign for the new Accord Euro.

If anything comes up for the ad, I will update the post… Probably make a new one… I bet people are already dying reading my extra long nonsensical talk.

Oh… One more thing, it seems I’m going to make the analysis as a trilogy… First we have here the analysis of the creation of the video, and the next part is the overall analysis of the videos itself.


Difficult is worth doing website

Video origins

Buzz Marketing according to Vancouver Web Design Company

A low or no cost method of marketing associated with people telling other people telling other people about a company’s products or services.

Viral Marketing according to 2020systems

Advertising that propagates itself by web visitors’ use of a web sites feature or service. For example, most administrators of free web based email accounts attach an advertisement at the end of each message each time a user sends an email.

2 thoughts on “The Making of Honda Accord Euro Teaser Ad analysis (Part 1)

  1. So, is this from Honda?

    By the way, I find your article to be very amusing… A bit mind bending but amusing. The whole time to market concept is a good write, but you might add some explanation of what buzz and viral marketing is, not all people understands marketing term.


  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the comment, you really think it’s that mind bending? I hope that in a good way.

    Thanks for the idea, I will add up some explanation of what buzz and viral marketing is… Sometimes I got caught up in the excitement of the moment writing marketing stuff.

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