Honda Freed Release Date + New Picture

Straight out of Honda of Japan website, a second teaser picture of the new Honda Freed, a 7-8 seater minivan that is due out at 29th of May… In Japan. There’s not much information yet for the car in question, but with less than a week away from its unveiling… We can wait. Bigger picture complete with the first interior picture + more witty comments after the click.


Well, it looks like Honda starting to completely unveil its new minivan that is due out on 29th this May. Here’s a bigger picture taken directly from Honda Japan website, complete with a big ass 5.29 that might indicate a public release date of 29th of May or May 2029… I choose the former.

Official picture from Honda

Stunning if I might add… Well sure I can, this is my blog anyway. But the most stunning news is that the pictures that windingroad post up few months ago is actually a production picture of the car itself. Here’s the picture in question from an earlier post I made.

The magazine scan

The side profile is a complete hit, sans minor details, so this again confirms the near validity of the magazine scan. The only thing missing from the magazine scan is the more premium looking door handle, side mirror mounted turning signal and the slight side crease from the back door to the front wheel arch. The front and back picture of the car is remain to be seen but I suspect it will not be extremely different than the picture from the magazine scan… Well, perhaps slightly better and more proportional, but not extremely different in a sense.

Then here we have the official interior teaser picture of the interior, followed by the magazine scan of the supposedly Honda Freed interior.

The official interior shot

The magazine scan

As you can see, the magazine scan clearly indicate that this car will have the two tier dash, or Honda own term… “The Multiplex” sounds very burly isn’t it? The indication that the magazine scan is a production picture can be seen from the long steering column, the center console and the placement of the gear stick and what seems to be an A/C control knob.

With a public debut at 29th of May, Honda will probably unveil the rest of the car directly on the launch date. It’s no use putting up teaser pictures for another week. 1 exterior and 1 interior picture alone should justify a “giddy” to minivan lovers.


Honda Freed official site

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