4th Generation Honda City Caught Testing In India

Honda CityThis post has been updated with official pictures here. With the advent of Honda Fit, came along the small compact global platform from Honda and with it, a slew of Fit inspired cars all shape and size. Now that the 2nd generation Honda Fit is rolling out across the globe, Honda venerable Fit based entry size sedan, the City is also due for a redesign. Although the details are sketchy, a forum member of Team-BHP India has pictures of a camouflaged car that is claimed to be the 4th generation Honda City in India. Witty comments and more information of when it will be released, after the click.

As usual, bigger pictures are available on the original forum thread here.

Honda city spy picture

Those pictures are taken from Autocar India magazine scan. As you can see, the lightly disguised car has that distinct silhouette of Honda Civic Euro front end, Honda Civic global side profile… And downright plain vanillaey rear end. Here’s a bigger scan of Autocar artist rendition of what the car would look like…

Honda city autocar pic

Totally front page material.

I do however have some interesting question about the design of the car. Currently, all city cars that derives from the same platform have similar side profiles to the very least. You can see it from Toyota Yaris and Yaris sedan (Vios in some countries), Suzuki SX-4 and SX-4 Sedan (Baleno in some countries), and even last generation Honda Fit and Fit-Aria (Honda City in some countries). They are all hatch and sedan version of respective small global platform, what they share in similarity ranged from small like the Suzuki to quite huge like the Toyota. However, this new car if indeed is the new City, it doesn’t have any similarity whatsoever with Honda all new Fit… At least from the outside.

Honda City

Last generation Honda Fit (below) and current generation Honda City refresh (above), look at the A pillar.

As you can see, from the A pillar to the B pillar, the Fit and the Fit sedan is the same, same glass design and side view mirror even. However, the supposed new Honda City doesn’t have that extra glass on the side like the new Fit… Is this the same Honda we are talking about? Mister-efficiency-and-all-sacrificing-aesthetics? Come on, the last and current Honda City is a great car, but to be frank, it looks weird, it looks like a Fit with trunk… And that’s bad. Honda even spend a lot of money on Honda City refresh model just to make it look more sedan like. Now, this new Honda City, if it is, will be a great car to drive and to behold even. It looks like a proper sedan with sedan proportion. Something that Toyota brags about the new Yaris sedan / Toyota Vios.

Current generation Honda City / Fit-Aria original design before refresh… Super dork.

Here’s a member of Team-BHP forum rendition of what the new Honda City will look like.

Honda city team-bhp

Not much different than the Autocar’s render.

All in all, we just need to hold our breath a little longer. Autocar India has stated that this new car will be unveiled at India’s holiday, the Diwali that falls on October 28th this year. Expect to see everything Honda Fit RS has, and more gadgets on the new City spec sheet. But you really don’t have to hold your breath that long, Honda Thailand (that’s Honda Asia homebase) will probably have the car before Honda India, as every Asian Honda model is launched there first. So expect more news to follow in the coming months.


Honda City is going to be unveiled on Diwali.

Team-BHP original Honda City thread.

3 thoughts on “4th Generation Honda City Caught Testing In India

  1. Thanks for including my rendering here. It may be similar to Autocar’s picture but this was the first rendering to be published in team-bhp, IBN and CNBC. The picture was created by me in photoshop using hints from the spy pics.

  2. Hi Vivek, your rendering is absolutely top notch. After all, the final Honda City model looks exactly like it. Glad to join team-bhp with all wonderful and knowledgeable members there.

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