Unofficially Official, Honda Freed IS Coming to Indonesia

Well, according to an interview of a local online media with Honda Indonesia Marketing Director, Mr. Jonfis Fandi that is.

The impromptu information was out in a yearly media gathering held in Jakarta. It is confirmed by the head honcho that the Freed is indeed coming to Indonesia in the 2nd trimester of 2009 (that’s middle of the year), and what’s more, it will be Freed’s debut outside of Japan… Wowza! This backwater country actually got an exclusive debut of THE most waited Honda in 2009! (at least in term of affordability… Hybrid this ain’t)

With the rumors Honda Indonesia is canceling bringing Freed to Indonesia, this is quite a news. Price wise, Honda Indonesia is touting that volatile foreign currency/local exchange rate make them unable to guesstimate the local price for the Freed. Final price will be announced near the actual car launch date. Whatever it is, the price might land between US$2300 to US$25000 considering local Honda City is priced at US$24000 to US$26000. It’s common to price 7 seater MPV below a sedan in some parts of Asia as sedan is considered more luxurious than an MPV.

All I can say, godspeed bringing this car back home Mr. Jonfis. We’ll be waiting with arms wide open… Although I’m keeping my SX4 Crossover.

Happy New Year And More Witty Comments!

Happy New Year everybody!

A new year a new day, same old life… I never get those who thinks about new year is a fresh start in life. This is just another day, a new year yes, but still old self, still old world, and still same people, opportunities and problems we will face each day. So just a greeting and nothing more I guess.

For this blog, updates will be like last years, which means when I have the time. Still though, when I updates it means I’m updating it like bees on nectars, you can expect huge updates whenever I feel like it.

There is some who I would like to thanks to though, and that goes to Singapore Honda Club forumers. Who apparently points out that I have to back up my writings with every proof posable, as not to let me become the target of stupid other automotive fanboys.

This website will always be my place of hidden love to Honda, because currently, I drive a Suzuki product.

Last year, most people who visits my site came looking for Honda Accord Euro/Acura TSX and Honda Freed information. Well, Honda Accord Euro has been launched everywhere, including Japan, and the Freed is still enroute towards ASEAN. In Indonesia at least, there’ s some photos of the Freed undergoing testing, complete with removal of the H badge. However, there’s words that the Freed will be denied of its Indonesian fans… Well, with increasing tax, and rising material prices, it’s good enough that people still buys a car this year.

So, to sum it up, have a good year and be seeing you.

The Spirit of Life: Paper Review of Honda Life & Zest

When you talk about cars in Japan, you don’t talk about those featured in Fast n Furious, or the plethora of drifter cars on teh intraweb…You talk about Kei cars, the minuscule cars that makes BMW’s Mini looks like it should be named Grande instead. In Japan, exists a group of small cars which are granted by the Japanese government its own rules and regulations. Although Suzuki and Daihatsu reserves the right to be the two most selling brand of Kei cars, the distant number 3… Honda, has a duo of attractive offerings that might just wet your lips… Witty comments and what those two are after the click. Continue reading