New Blog Feature! Finally!!

This blog might be a leisurely past time for me, but it is indeed a training ground for me to brush up on my english and the knowledges I accumulated over the years.

As such, the blog will occasionally be updated with the latest internet technology available. For this slight update, I’m adding up a twitter feeder on the top right bar, and if you open this blog on your mobile phone, it will automatically displays itself as a mobile website, how cool is that!!! You can watch my witty comments on the go now.

The twitter updates will off course be frequent, and it might just divulge some info on some waited entries on this blog. I also updated my “about me and ze blog” page, you will see a drastic change in my approach in writing, as future blog entry will be much much much much much more light and in some instance might be fun to read.

So here’s for a better future!

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