Scans and Data From Honda CR-Z Japanese Brochure

One Japanese reader from Temple of VTEC has kindly scanned the soon to be released Honda Freed and what a chaos it instills. Click the link for the complete brochure scans.

The official data shows that the CR-Z will be using a 1.5L engine + electric motor producing a combined power of 128 ps, consisting of 114 ps gas engine and 14 ps electric motor. A bit… Less than expected, because this car is touted as a “sporty hybrid” by Honda. It’s not sporty… It’s… Just adequate… It should be dubbed an adequately sporty hybrid.

Scans from the official brochure

Many TOV readers are aflamed with the official data, stating that the power figure is diminutive/minuscule/any fancy term for small. So am I actually, but there is one relevant data that the brochure still doesn’t divulge… The car’s weight…

Dimension wise, the car is quite unique. It’s longer than the Fit, wider, lower, but has a shorter wheelbase.

Fit dimension:

  • Height : 1525 mm
  • Width : 1695 mm
  • Length : 3900 mm
  • Wheelbase : 2500 mm
  • Weight (heaviest trim FF + CVT): 1100 KG

CR-Z dimension:

  • Height : 1395 mm
  • Width : 1740 mm
  • Length : 4080 mm
  • Wheelbase : 24350 mm
  • Weight: ?

So a rough calculation dimensionally resulted in the CR-Z having quite less footprint than the Fit, which should means less weight. But the additional weight of the engine + motor and battery pack should give the car an extra weight that degrades its performance.

On a lighter note, even if the CR-Z will weigh roughly as the Fit, the hybrid engine should give quite a performance. The 120 ps engine in Fit Sport/RS is actually quite peppy and delivers quite a kick if you push it VTEC style. The electric motor on the CR-Z should deliver the much needed extra torque down low.

The confirmed trim level shows that the CR-Z will be available in two trim, the fancy Alpha and Beta trim… Optionally it will have the moonroof option and LED lighting. Interior wise, it’s very very upscale.

A fried of mine who didn’t share my sentiment for CR-Z lack of excessive power stated that the CR-Z main selling point is its looks… True that… The CR-Z is what the Insight 1.0 should have been but edgier. But I still want my CR-Z Type R though!

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