7 years of fighting

After a grueling 7 years, it’s finally done. I’ve finished my doctorate in economics.

To any of you pursuing post graduate degrees, be strong! I managed to finish my doctorate not because of my intellect, but because of the support of friends and families. I’m not one to shy away from relationship, I have lived alone and survived (to my own lack of connection early in life), I even prefer solitude over companionship. I hurt people who are close to me, which I still regret until today. Yet, the perseverance of humanity to help me go through my troubling times, helped me to open up and finally accepts that not everyone in this world is out to hurt me.

In the last 7 years I learned more than 3 decades worth of living. I learned the meaning of true friendship that borders to familial ties. I learned the meaning of love. I learned the meaning of sacrifice. I learned how to cope of losing someone close to me. I don’t think I learned macro economics because I got blasted for that on my final dissertation hearing… But I learned so much more.

One thing that I found sad for me is that, I can no longer teach marketing. Since I’m targeting to get professorship, I have to teach inline with my background or get a second doctorate in communication and get my professorship there.

Anyway, keep your friends close, and most importantly, define your own happiness.

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