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Who is Michael Adhi Nugroho anyway, and why does he wrote for this blog? His autobiography can be overly long and tedious to read, seriously! But in respect for anything third person perspective, we are going to write a shorter version of it.

There was a time where everything is simple, where Honda VTECs are just VTEC. Yes, Michael Adhi Nugroho is obsessed with Honda. But why does he write for this blog anyway? He is super busy to update his blog, but most often than not, he forgets he has a blog. Well, it’s because he loves  Honda so much, and wanted to deliver to end users the lightest tone so everybody can understand and to fall in love with Honda all over again. Truth be told Michael is car guy instead of a full on Honda guy, but due to time limitation and understanding of search engine optimization, he will focus on one brand in particular, one he grew up with (not many Honda fans owned a Suzuki and Daihatsu isn’t it?)

This blog will be mainly written in English so Michael can practice his English literacy, but he will write in Bahasa Indonesia when the topic is much closer to home, so please pardon if there are some grammar mistake. This blog will also shows Michael personal growth through the years.

Michael likes to learn from the best of sources as such, he will write everything with proof or supporting evidence from third parties. Because he knew, despite having a diploma in advertising, degree in economics, two masters of management, and doctorate in economics, he realize that he still has limited knowledge. As such, credible third party source is the best way to back his ever interest in Honda.

He used to work in publication business as a writer/editor for a tech magazine and sales and managerial position for various International IT brands. He currently works as IT solution consultant and a part time teacher teaching communication and he writes for the odd magazines/online publication here and there.

Michael also realizes that the experience and knowledge he accumulates all those years had made him a bit pompous. However, one chance encounter with a great man literally slaps him in the face and he is trying ever so hard to acquire humility for his own good… That and the event was actually an interview where Michael always dreamt to work for…

Michael was born in Jakarta, Indonesia a long time ago. He has profound interest in art, cooking, automotive and technology. Even though his friends acknowledge him as a major Honda fan boy, most consult to him about buying a new notebooks or mobile phones… Also he makes a killer Quiche Loraine and a apple-grape pie of his own creation.

Best regards,

Michael Adhi Nugroho

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there, really happy to find your nice blog, and thanks for your un – bias comments about honda freed. I am a cycling enthusiast myself, but I have to admitt that many times I need a car or motorcycle too !

    • Glad you like the review. This blog might be all about Honda, and I’m a self proclaim fanboy, but rest assure that everything I write is straight down the middle line.

      I’m a bike man myself, but I hung up my tight pants when traffic in the capital has gone down the drain… And never once I saw an improvement over it. Sure more public places has special bike parking lot, but the road is never a bike friendly place.

      Well, hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.

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