Hello Wuling

YO! What’s this, long time no update and suddenly I wrote hello Wuling, am I abandoning Honda? Well yes and no. I’m finally in the market for an electric car as I’m badly affected by the city routing restrictions.

My current work place is situated smack dab at the center of Jakarta, a place where crazy traffic met with inadequate public transit. As of this writing, the city government employ routing restriction towards the center of the city with and odd/even number plate. Obviously the restriction isn’t effective enough as people bought second hand or even new cheap cars with alternating number plate to defeat the ruling. There is also the condition that the zoning is created to allow alternative route for people who have extra time on their hands to take the long route (like extra long + crazy traffic jam) to reach the city center.

I tried using public transit, but the result is not adequate enough as it goes further from the city center the public transit situation worsens. So much so, that everybody and their cat suggests me taking gojek/grab bike ride after the last bus stop which defeats the cost saving from using a public transit.

There are two things as of now (2023) that is allowed to go to the city center without having to follow the odd/even number plate, motorcycles and electric car. Motorcycle is a no go for me, as I have childhood and recent trauma about being hit by one while walking across the street and literally watching a person snapped their neck falling from their motorcycle.

I understand that electric cars, even though it has been around for decades is still in its introduction phase and I understand that electric cars with its “green” credentials aren’t exactly true. So for the next posts or three or four (just don’t count it, it will be a lot), I will post about what is electric car and why should you buy it or not.