Honda Hotness Is Coming Back?

2008 was a great year for Honda fans and maybe even for automotive scene in general. Just imagine this, Honda, a conservative company who swears on sensibility and quality is throwing those notions away for a V8 rear wheel luxury sedan and a V10 powered super car. The automotive scene roars with high expectations. Spy photos of the rear wheel sedan test car is everywhere and the super car already making runs on a race track. Alas, comes 2009 and demand for automotive products dwindles as most sought after cars are econoboxes. Honda new President, Takanobu Ito back then changed his tune about the new cars and tells the fans and the scene to go “enjoy yourself” (there’s a new profanity filter in effect). So everything was scrapped, and all hopes out the window.

Denied luxury: The canceled mule of the FR Luxury Sedan

Rumors from inside automotive industry said that the V8 rear wheel luxury sedan which was destined to go to Acura division was a great car one that should put Honda luxury division on par with tier 1 luxury marque. While the super car lives on as a special fielded race car on Japan’s most prestigious racing event, the Super GT and won it. So as you can read, it’s very unfortunate for Honda to cancels both of these cars altogether.

Denied performance: Reportedly, this car doesn’t even consider GT-R and LF-A as competition

But this morning, birds are chirping beautifully on my front porch, the wind blows softly and the sun rose with a hint of blue and orange altogether. While I browsed Autoblog and Temple of VTEC the next minute, I was shocked out of my pants that Takanobu Ito in a way hints a little hope of a super car comeback after Honda discontinued the NSX. Apparently, Takanobu Ito was interviewed in Japan and some reporters asked if Honda would make a road going version of the super car that won the Super GT.

Ito’s answer for the question was “I have something in mind”. Now for those who don’t know Takanobu Ito, this guy is all straight as an arrow kind of leader. He always answers question in a definite way, yes or no and that’s that. For Ito to answer “having something in mind” well, it’s still ambiguous but having something is better than nothing right?

Such a tease: “I have something in mind”

Okay, so the news came from a French auto news site, which might make some little mistranslation (from Japanese to French to English). However, according to Temple of VTEC news section;Yahoo Japan and Asahi Shimbun also confirms and clearly stated that Takanobu Ito greenlight the project once again. Asahi Shimbun which post the news in English also mentions that Ito hints at making two sports car, the affordable and high performance… *faints*…

For those who don’t know, this is actually earth shattering news. Honda currently has no true performance sports car in its lineup, well, sure there’s the Civic Type R, but it’s more of a pedestrian car with souped up engine. Honda Prelude ends its production in 2001, Honda NSX ended in 2005, Honda Integra ended in 2007 and finally Honda S2000 ended in 2009. What came from the demise of those cars? Hybrids and lots of it. Civic Hybrid, Insight 2.0, CR-Z, and Fit Hybrid, not to mention Freed Hybrid and next generation Accord with Honda next generation hybrid system.

The shift from hardcore to green for some was considered too rough as there are no transition product in between. It’s quite understandable actually, as technology to produce performance with fuel economy wasn’t available yet. The  2010 CR-Z was Honda answer to this and although the blend of performance and fuel economy is good enough, as usual,  some consumers demand more… Well, to be fair… This particular consumer is too accustomed to huge ass performance gas guzzler 2 door sports car that’s bigger than a Honda Fit. Still, the CR-Z receives acclaims and accolades in a place where sensibility is praised.

But remember folks, Honda has set its sight straight in the green line and we’re not talking about money. Ever since the green revolution in the late 00′ Honda has been making fuel sipper as priority. So when you think about Takanobu Ito statement, don’t forget to add the green juice. Honda has fielded NSX with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System, a form of hardcore hybrid system for racing) as a test bed for SuperGT 2012 rule change that mandates smaller engine and a hybrid system. It’s unclear whether this will be applied to Honda super car but you can be sure Honda will put every single piece of technology in its super car.

Front engine – KERS NSX test car: notice the exhaust tip on the side skirt?

Whatever it is Honda… We are awaiting with arms wide open, but until this car shows up in the real world, I’m putting a question mark on the title. We’ve been burned before Ito-san, and I won’t let my heart be broken the fourth time.


Temple of VTEC: Ito san changing his tune about NSX/HSV

Yahoo Japan: NSX development to resume (Japanese)

Asahi Shimbun: Honda to develop high performance sports car

SuperGT: 2012 KERS rule

Debut Honda HSV Memenangkan Balapan Super GT

Pada debut balapan perdana, Honda dengan mobil HSV-nya langsung menyabet gelar pemenang melalui tim Weider setelah pertempuran yang sengit dengan tim Lexus Petronas Tom’s SC430 selama seri berlangsung tahun ini.

Honda HSV (Honda Sport Velocity) adalah mobil yang seharusnya diluncurkan untuk bertanding dengan Nissan GT-R dan Lexus LF-A. Namun dikarenakan kondisi ekonomi dunia yang sedang menurun beberapa tahun lalu dan perpindahan fokus Honda ke arah ramah lingkungan, Honda HSV menemui ajalnya bahkan sebelum diluncurkan. Meskipun begitu, prototipe yang secara notabene sudah selesai dimanfaatkan oleh Honda untuk berpartisipasi di ajang balapan paling bergengsi di Jepang yaitu Super GT. Honda sendiri memanfaatkan lubang didalam aturan Super GT karena ajang balapan bergengsi ini hanya mengijinkan partisipasi melalui produk mobil yang beredar di pasaran.

Honda HSV adalah mobil pertama Honda yang akan menggunakan mesin V10 berkapasitas 5000 cc dengan target tenaga kuda hingga 500 ps/pk dan menggunakan sistem penggerak 4 roda yang mampu memindahkan tenaga tak hanya untuk roda depan dan belakang namun juga kiri dan kanan. Rencananya, Honda akan menggunakan merek Acura untuk meluncurkan mobil ini di Amerika dan merek Honda sendiri untuk di Jepang.

Spesial untuk balapan Super GT ini, Honda menggunakan mesin V8 berkapasitas3400 cc dengan tenaga kuda 500 ps/pk. Mesin ini adalah mesin yang sama digunakan oleh Honda untuk balapan Formula Nippon.

Selamat untuk Honda dan tim Weider! Semoga dengan kemenangan ini, keputusan untuk menjual HSV dalam bentuk produk produksi dapat dilaksanakan. Hal ini sangat sesuai untuk menciptakan sebuah produk “Halo” untuk menampilkan kemampuan insinyur Honda menciptakan sebuah kendaraan 4 roda yang dapat bersaing dengan Ferrari dan Lamborghini.

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