The New Honda Insight Is Hout!


The new Honda Insight is out in Japan and it’s hot, yup, witty title and witty comments ensues. Honda little baby that we saw a couple years back that took shape of a franken last generation Fit with the body of Honda Airwave now took the new corporate face of Honda. With Honda halting all of its luxury and performance models, all hopes are literally in the trunk of the new Insight… But does it have what it takes? Well, some say okay, and some say hell yeah! Read on for a paper review and witty comments. Continue reading

2009 Pilot, Largest Honda Yet On 4 Wheels

pilot headerFor fans of SUV in North America, rejoice! As Honda has unveiled a new iteration of its successful large SUV, the Pilot with all the advancement demanded by the customers. With bigger interior, bolder (Boldest) styling, coupled with more powerful engine and more efficient in fuel consumption, really, what more could you ask? More pictures and witty comments after the click. Continue reading